IMG_6863The Australian Terrier
by: Barron’s Karharina von der Leyen
The Australian Terrier is one of the quietest, most obedient, and most modest terriers, but it does not lack its cousins’ toughness, pluck and intelligence. This is a courageous, robust, and cheerful little dog.
The Australian Terrier is an almost perfect apartment dog. It adapts beautifully to any situation, is loyal, charming and happy and an alert watchdog without being a yapper. It never gets into fights the way many other terriers do.
It approaches strangers with caution, but is friendly toward other animals. Although it is a lively dog, it is never hyperactive and does not need especially long walks, though it loves to be out with its people.
It is a quick learner, easy to train, and an equally good choice for country life as for a city apartment. Luckily this breed has thus far escaped becoming fashionable, and you can hardly go wrong choosing an Australian terrier


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