About us

Australian Terrier vom Schloß Mordor Rozendaalseveld

I would like to introduce myself, and my Australian Terriers, to you.

My name is Anita te Grotenhuis-Rougoor. Together with my family I live in the charming  village of Ulft, a small, calm village near the German border.
An area surrounded by beautiful nature, perfect for long walks.

Ever since my childhood I’ve been raised with dogs, I’ve been able to discover my love for dogs very early on. Therefore it was only natural that our three young boys would experience this joy as well.


I ought it very important to always keep developing myself further. Therefore I have followed, and still am following, several Cynological courses. Amongst which are the likes of
Canine Knowledge part 1 & 2 (Dutch Kennel Club)
Exterior and Movement Dynamics (Dutch Kennel Club).

An Australian Terrier is a very unique breed, they are simply great.

Typical traits of this breed are: their intelligence, friendliness, sportiness, calmness, truthfulness and loyalty. They are very compatible with different breeds of dog. They are often very affectionate towards humans, great with children.
It is because of this reason that they are also used as therapeutic dogs in nursing homes. These dogs also barely shed hair, making them suitable for people with allergies as well.
We are trying to spread and improve the wonderful qualities of these dogs.

Don’t be shy to contact us, after all, nothing is as important as being making a well-informed decision when purchasing a dog.

We would like to make sure our pups are brought into careful and loving homes, therefore we’d also like to offer you the best possible help at all time, even after the purchase of one of our amazing Australian Terriers.

This small Terrier is the ideal dog for those that don’t want a large dog-breed (again) or those who can’t house the such. As for the Aussie is a large dog in a small form!

You can reach us at Cellphone +31 6516 41236 or info@australianterrier.nl