Welcome to our homepage, Australian Terrier vom Schloss Mordor.
I wish I had  known about this wonderful breed many years earlier!
In my opinion, a australian terrier is the perfect dog.  They are small so easy to take with you any place. They are also extremely smart and easy to train. Real dogs— they feel bold and are not afraid of anything— dogs with an attitude!  Gentle and loving… and ready to devote their life’s to you as your constant companion.

Of all the terriërs these friendly handsome small Australian Terriërs must be the most pleasant. They bark less than usual terrier and they are much more tolerant, always in a good mood.

Our dogs are not just pets, they are family. They sleep in our beds, enjoy their (dog) meals with us in the living room and go on road trips with us.

We are trying to spread and improve the wonderful qualities of these dogs.

I ought it very important to always keep developing myself further. Therefore I have followed, and still am following, several Cynological courses. Amongst which are the likes of : Anatomy and movement, genetics,  behavior-development and Cytology.
I’m also a graduated kynologist.
We also visit several international dogshows to let breed specialists judge our dogs , with very good results  ( see our show results page)

Health is a very important matter to us, we only breed with dogs who have had several positive health tests.
We also think it’s important to breed with a low inbreed level.
High levels of inbreeding can impact the health of individual dogs, as it increases the chances of a dog being at risk for both known and unknown inherited disorders. It could also have an impact on the breed as a whole, for example, a reduction in litter size and fertility.
We’d very much like to maintain the good health of our breed throughout the future.

Our Australian Terriër puppies are getting socialized very well and are finally self conscious dogs.
We would like to make sure our pups are brought into careful and loving homes, therefore we’d also like to offer you the best possible help at all time, even after the purchase of one of our amazing Australian Terriers.

As a  Australian Terrier breeder, we  are breeding conform to the FCI ( Raad van Beheer) and  the Scottish Terrier Club.

Australian Terriërs do well with a family of someone living alone. Once they claim you as theirs, they are yours for life. No matter where you go your Aussie will follow you.

If you are interested or you would  have more information about this wonderful breed, please contact us: info@australianterrier.nl 

They enjoy playing and hunting . So beware  to the little mice and squirrels that haunt  your house and backyards. Though the Aussie is all over and will stick  to you, it may chase after one of those small critters, therefore a large fence in backyard is perfect for them.

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