Grooming Australian Terriër

Grooming for a Show of if you want your dog to look its best:

Your breeder will give you a demonstration of show presentation if you require it. This is best done by practical demonstration, though a grooming chart can help.

Top Knot: Should be brushed forward to stand upright, but not hang in their eyes.

Ears: Short and kept free of long hair.

Ruff: Brush forward and outwards. Ruff should not be cut.

Apron: Brushed down and encouraged to grow.

Feet: Trimmed between pads, top of feet to be stripped and cat-like.

Body Coat: Brush down carefully untangle knots and knots that form on stomach and arm pit areas.

Eyes: Keep the hair short and plucked around eye area

Neck: Brush and groom so that the neck appears long and arched. Some thinning of hair with thinning scissors may be necessary, but do not over-do.

Tail: Remove all long hairs from tail, so that the

tail appears natural, straight and set on high. Thinning scissors may be used to reduce the bulk of the tail.

Hindquarters: For cleanliness, keep hair short around the vent and in case of males, around the prepuce.

Elbows: Shorten or brush down any hair at elbow which makes your dog look out at elbows. Sometimes it may be necessary to thin hair slightly.

Muzzle: Should be free from long hair. The beard under the muzzle should be trimmed neatly with scissors to the shape of the muzzle, but not too severely.